Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Open Letter - March 26th

"Thank You" for B-day Greetings
Ester Calica Grier, Bay Area, CA
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Glory Salvador-Alipit in Little Rock, AR

Another internet search accomplishment - Glory Salvador-Alipit in Little Rock, Arkansas!
took up Nursing @ St. Luke's. To Arkansas 1974 as a Pediatric Nurse. Working in Little Rock. 2 daughters & 2 grands, in New York. Glory also worked in Saudi Arabia 6 years & settled back in Arkansas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Arnold's in Town

Feb, 2008 @ OysterBoy, Pasig City Arnold Cabrera's Phils. visit (L-R) Tammy Ramos, Leni Lou San Agustin, Archie Mori, Amy Rogel-Rara, Tony Siapno, Arnold Cabrera, Robert Krueger
Photo: Shared by Leni Lou San Agustin

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elmer Alcoba @ National City, CA

you guys did a good job in creating this blog site for class 62. It was nice looking at the pictures that's on the blog. It helps a lot in reminiscing who our classmates were. Narigaten iti lumaklakay. Elmer

Los Angeles Reunion - September '99

LA reunion hosted by Angelica & Sobhi @ their home in Rowland Hts., CA.
Flying to LA after the Hawaii reunion, "EKING" guest of honor**
L-R: Angelica, Sobhi, Rod Rivo, EKING, Percy & Elena Rillera, Aurora


1 - The "RECEPTION"... attendees were just arriving. Percy tapped my shoulder and said "Guess who this is". Puzzled a long time, Eking gave me a "bear hug" and introduced himself. Everything did change... no more shy & "aloof" Eking of old high school days. He's now this tall "Jolly Good Fella !!"
2 - The "GALA" ... Happy faces, the booze is workng. I wonder where Araceli Dacumos-Fields disappeared to.
3 - The "PICNIC"... group managed to drag themselves to the picnic site @"PEARL HARBOR"

* EKING (late) - far right

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Priscilla Quindoza-Asarias (late)

In Remembering:
PRISCILLA QUINDOZA-ASARIAS... sharing the picture she sent a year before she passed on. This was taken on her 25th Wedding Anniversary with husband JOE.

From one of Priscilla's letters of 1999:
"I have noticed that as we get older, material things are no longer important. For me, I have found that seeking old friends and attending reunions are far more meaningful & enjoyable."

Pacifica, CA. Reunion Sept,2000

GENTs and GENTs....
Two lovely ladies of 1962 finally met again in 2000 after 38 years. Reunion hosted by Ester Calica-Grier at her home in Pacifica, California. Guest is Leda Paraan Paloma visiting from The Philippines. **Some of us, will need to meet in 2012 (50th Year)

Las Vegas Reunion, October 1999

Las Vegas Reunion hosted by Arnold & Ingrid Cabrera:

L-R (seated):
Cynthia Munar, Elena Rillera, Ingrid , Angelica
L-R (standing): Gali Munar, Percy Rillera, Arnold Cabrera

Grand Reunions of 1998 Baguio & Makati

BAGUIO - February 24, 1998 Reunion hosted by Daniel
L-R (standing) Dely C, Glo D, Manny Flores, Danny Lee.
(seated ) Jocelyn R, Angelica M, Glo V, Estela Espejo Del Val

MAKATI - March 4, 1998 Bahia Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel:
L-R (standing): Archie Mori, Amy Rogel-Rara, Filipinas Florendo-Natividad, Manny Natividad.
L-R (seated) Mae & Tony Siapno, Angelica Bangaoet-Michail, Mila & Tammy Ramos.

Reunion Pics of Long Time Ago

May 15, 1994 - the prelims for reunions. Gathering @ Abellera's Place hosted by Benjie & MOM.
Benjie Abellera, Dely Carrera-Camongao, Glo Manalac-Datud, Flossier Sobrepena-Palaganas, Gloretta Turingan-Valeros, Vickie Villarde-Estepa, Elizabeth Balangue-Rullan, Angelica Bangaoet-Michail, Jocelyn Tabafunda-Ruliva, Daniel Lee

Saipan, MP Connection

Hafa Adai (Hello), Glad you included my Manang FE in the list of classmates, already called by the Lord & are HOME WITH HIM. Thank you.

I am following communication going on with class 62. Sometimes, laugh with your letters. Keep connecting all ’62 class. Admire your diligence. 'Am one reader who enjoy it. When I read about the reunions, it reminds me of the time I had to reroute my trip from Japan to P.I. (instead of Japan to Seattle), to go back & keep Manang FE. 'Met Marcial at Manila Dom Airport, who informed others re: passing of Manang. 'Admire Baguio group. Once they know someone is in town, they arrange place & time to meet. During my time, we met @ Evelyn Pangan’s house in Lucban. Evelyn was also home from Australia. Luz (Buccat@pticom.com)